About Us

Pyxis is a community-based human services organization offering a variety of services to equip our participants with the tools they need to live healthy, independent lives.  With offices located throughout Kansas, Texas, and Virginia, we work diligently to provide cutting-edge, impacting services in the areas of behavioral health, juvenile justice, workforce development, vocational rehabilitation, and family preservation.  Explore the links to the left for more information on Pyxis’ areas of service.

What is a Pyxis?

At Pyxis, we believe strongly in the work that we do. The success of that work depends on each of our employees, participants and friends, as well as our commitment to providing comprehensive service and careful guidance to each person that walks through our doors.

The word Pyxis comes from a constellation in the southern sky that was known to mariners as “the compass box.” The name represents both choosing your direction wisely with the help of a knowledgeable guide as well as looking to the future for inspiration and encouragement. We believe that our name will help others to understand our purpose as a company and our goals as part of the community.

Pyxis effectively communicates, educates and trains participants so they understand opportunities that are available to them. They are then equipped to choose a direction wisely and follow that path to a fulfilling independent life. Through consistent support and advocacy, Pyxis changes the face of the community, one life at a time.