Supporting and Preserving Families 

Pyxis’ services are based on a fundamental core value of the company: the best place for children to grow up is in families. Our services employ family-centered practices that support and preserve families through a respectful, strengths-based approach.  Services may include family support services, which refers to a range of supportive services for families with children, or family preservation services, which are more intensive services intended to preserve families that are at risk of disruption while keeping children safe.  These service models view the family as central to the child’s well-being and seek to engage the family’s participation in services.  We believe that services that support and promote the preservation of the family unit are critical to the success of children, adults, and communities at large. 

Family support services are community-based services that assist and support parents in their role as caregivers.  Family preservation services are family-focused services designed to help families cope with crisis, stress, conflict, and other problems that interfere with their ability to nurture their children.   The goal of family preservation services is to maintain children with their families, or to reunify them, whenever it can be done safely.   The service is provided to families that are at risk of disruption and/or out-of-home placement.   Services work to help families address major challenges, stabilize the family, and enhance family functioning.

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Supporting and Preserving Families

Family Mentoring

Family mentoring is a community-based service in which a positive adult role model engages a participant and family members in activities that focus on facilitating successful relationships between the participant and family members, to improve the participant’s ability to function successfully in the home.


Mentoring is a service designed to provide a positive adult role model in the development of appropriate behavior, social interaction, and life skills.  Trained adult mentors meet on a regular basis, one-to-one, with the youth to build a positive relationship, while participating in community-based activities of interest to the young person.  Adult mentors function as a friend, advocate, and life coach. 

Respite Care

Respite Care is a community-based service that is designed to provide a temporary, planned rest from the responsibility of care giving, and a day of structured activities for children.   Respite Care incorporates a wide range of structured group recreation and leisure activities, including opportunities for social interaction, teamwork, creativity, skills acquisition, exercise, and play in a safe and supervised environment.  

Parent Support / Parent Coaching

Parent Support/Parent Coaching are services provided to the parent or guardian to assist in the acquisition and development of effective parenting skills and techniques for management of a child’s behavior or symptoms.   Parents are also supported in accessing needed services, navigating through the service delivery system, and linkage with community resources and supports. 

Intensive In-Home

Intensive In-Home Services is a family preservation model that is designed to stabilize the home and prevent out-of home placement for youth. This service is delivered primarily to children in their family’s home with a family focus on:

  •  Diffusing the current crisis, determining its cause and reducing recurrences
  • Linking families to needed supports and resources
  • Providing self-help and living skills training for youth
  • Providing parenting skills training to help the family build skills for coping with their youth
  • Monitoring and managing the symptoms
  • Working with parents/guardians in applying strategies and techniques learned