Vocational Rehabilitation

Pyxis’ Vocational Rehabilitation services are designed to provide individuals with physical and mental disabilities a path to an independent life through employment opportunities.  The goal of VR services is to help participants achieve permanent, integrated, competitive employment consistent with their strengths, interests, and abilities.  Services are customized to empower the participants to achieve their employment goals.

Individuals referred to Pyxis employment services are assessed for employability skills and provided training for employment opportunities in industry sectors with growing demand.  Ideally, this will lead to placement of these individuals in self-sufficient employment.  Follow-up services are provided to increase retention of employment.

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Vocational Rehabilitation

Supported Employment

Supported Employment provides assistance to individuals with physical and mental disabilities in seeking permanent employment in integrated settings.  The service may include job coaches, job development, job retention, transportation, and individually tailored supervision.   Work in regular community settings helps to reduce disability, isolation, discrimination, and stigma.  Pyxis’ supported employment services provide competitive  jobs based on the individual’s preferences, integrated community work settings, job-seeking activities, placement services, and follow-along supports to promote retention.
Community-Based Job Try Out

Community Based Job Try Out includes locating an employer willing to provide the job tryout in the field of work consistent with the participant’s vocational objective.  On-the-job observation of the participant’s performance provides an analysis of his/her potential for success in the specific field of work.  Options may then be identified for permanent employment.


Community-Based Work Assessments

The Community-Based Work Assessment (CBWA) is a time-limited service as part of the assessment process in establishing a vocational plan for a participant.  The participant spends a pre-determined period of time performing job tasks at a community work site.  This gives staff an on-the-job observation of the participant’s learning style, performance, quality, consistency, stamina, and potential to perform required tasks.  This assessment period allows staff to adequately analyze the participant’s potential for success in competitive employment.  The service is intended to answer questions about performance in an integrated, competitive situation and is not intended to result in permanent employment.   Pyxis staff is trained to identify options for eventual permanent employment and recommend needed training and/or accommodations, based on the results of the CBWA. 

Job Preparation

Job Preparation services are designed to help the participant achieve skills to enhance their placement potential, thereby achieving their employment goals.  The service includes individualized training and intensive support to obtain skills and abilities which will assist the participant in moving on to job placement activities. The service addresses pre-employment barriers or limitations that would negatively impact the participant’s ability to find employment in an integrated, permanent, unsubsidized setting consistent with the participant’s vocational plan.
Job Coaching

Job Coaching is an individualized service designed to lead to successful movement toward employment, skill development, employment stabilization, and/or case closure in competitive, integrated employment.  The service can be used in combination with placement services.  The job coach provides on-the-job support, such as observing the participant performing tasks in their work setting and instructing them in task and skill development.

Job Placement

Job Placement is a service designed to provide direct job development and involvement of Pyxis staff in placing participants at integrated, competitive employment.  Activities include identification and development of potential employers consistent with the participant’s vocational plan, assistance in helping participants effectively apply for specific jobs, preparation for interviewing, analysis of transportation options, and support to address issues that might affect the permanency of the placement.

Job Retention

Job Retention is a time-limited service that provides systematic, planned follow-up to ensure the participant’s short-term orientation to the requirements of their job.  Job retention also includes supports to address issues, problems, and barriers that might affect the participant’s ability to maintain permanent employment.

PowerEdge™ is an innovative, effective training curriculum designed to help individuals develop successful life and employment skills.  Interactive presentations offer interesting layered-learning. Participants are inspired to grow personally and professionally through gaining knowledge of personal value, positive attitude, positive and effective communication, goal setting, problem solving, community resources, customer service, a systematic approach to the job search including career assessment, and how to be a successful employee.

Vocational Assessments

The purpose of assessment is to gather employability related information with an individual that will assist/empower that individual in making vocational decisions.  The expected outcomes are to help identify and plan for services or activities needed to assist the person in his/her career goals.  Additionally, it will increase the individual’s knowledge of his/her capabilities and jobs so appropriate occupational choices can be made.