Workforce Development

Pyxis is committed to contributing to local economic development by cultivating a well-trained workforce through services to at-risk youth and adults.  One of the goals of the service is to ensure that employers have access to a skilled talent pool to meet their workforce needs.  Pyxis excels at developing community partners who provide opportunities for job seekers to train and be placed in competitive employment.

Individuals referred to Pyxis employment services are assessed for employability skills and provided training for employment opportunities in industry sectors with growing demand.  Ideally, this will lead to placement of these individuals in self-sufficient employment.  Follow-up services are provided to increase retention of employment.

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Workforce Development

Economic Employment Support (EES)

EES serves welfare-to-work (TANF/TAF) participants with community service and work experience designed to develop pro-social skills and overcome barriers to employment. This service features a highly structured, comprehensive and individualized placement system, job prep training, job skills development, case management and follow-up.


PowerEdge™ is an innovative, effective training curriculum designed to help individuals develop successful life and employment skills.  Interactive presentations offer interesting layered-learning. Participants are inspired to grow personally and professionally through gaining knowledge of personal value, positive attitude, positive and effective communication, goal setting, problem solving, community resources, customer service, a systematic approach to the job search including career assessment, and how to be a successful employee.

Job Placement

Job Placement is a service designed to provide direct job development and involvement of Pyxis staff in placing participants at integrated, competitive employment.  Activities include identification and development of potential employers consistent with the participant’s vocational plan, assistance in helping participants effectively apply for specific jobs, preparation for interviewing, analysis of transportation options, and support to address issues that might affect the permanency of the placement.

Job Retention

Job Retention is a time-limited service that provides systematic, planned follow-up to ensure the participant’s short-term orientation to the requirements of their job.  Job retention also includes supports to address issues, problems, and barriers that might affect the participant’s ability to maintain permanent employment.        

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

As an experienced provider and operator of WIA youth programs, Pyxis partners with local Workforce Investment Boards to provide innovative programming to WIA eligible youth.  Pyxis has proven experience in the successful delivery of all 10 required elements, and excels in the development of community partners, collaboration, and community resources.