Juvenile Justice

Pyxis offers community-based services to juvenile offenders designed to provide effective interventions that limit the youth’s further involvement in the juvenile justice system.   Through Pyxis’ services, youth can develop relationships with supportive adult role models, participate in life skills and pre-vocational training, and seek competitive employment within their home communities.  Our approach provides opportunity as well as accountability, empowering youth to overcome barriers to employment and reduce the risk of re-offending.  Youth are also given the opportunity to fulfill community service requirements and pay restitution.

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Juvenile Justice


PowerEdge™ is an innovative, effective training curriculum designed to help individuals develop successful life and employment skills.  Interactive presentations offer interesting layered-learning. Participants are inspired to grow personally and professionally through gaining knowledge of personal value, positive attitude, positive and effective communication, goal setting, problem solving, community resources, customer service, a systematic approach to the job search including career assessment, and how to be a successful employee.

Pre-vocational Job Readiness Training (JRT)


JRT is a pre-vocational employment training aimed at helping youth overcome barriers to employment and increase pro-social skills. Services include:

  • Supervised group work experience training
  • Paid work experience; youth receive a stipend
  • Transportation to and from the work site
  • Independent Living Curriculum
  • Behavioral goals evaluated and documented daily
  • Community-based  situational work assessments
  • Monthly documentation and progress notes
Youth Employment Strategies (YES)

YES is an intensive employment program designed to help youth overcome barriers to employment, develop independent living skills, and provide an opportunity for youth to secure competitive employment. Program features include all of the JRT program components, plus:

  • Independent work experience
  • Job placement and job coaching activities
  • Transition to enhanced career opportunities including apprenticeships and further educational opportunities

Mentoring is a service designed to provide a positive adult role model in the development of appropriate behavior, social interaction, and life skills.  Trained adult mentors meet on a regular basis, one-to-one, with the youth to build a positive relationship, while participating in community-based activities of interest to the young person.  Adult mentors function as a friend, advocate, and life coach.

Specialized Mentoring

Specialized Mentoring is designed to assist the young person in activities related to successful job seeking and retention, as well as providing tutorial services and the positive socialization components of general mentoring