Leadership Structure

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Pyxis, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors.  Daily operations are managed through an executive management team called the Business Council.& Company operations are divided into divisions, which are led by Vice Presidents, Operations Directors, and Regional Managers.

The Pyxis Board of Directors is responsible for determining the vision, mission, and future direction of the company.  The board also approves policies to ensure the effective management of the company and its resources, as outlined in the bylaws of the company, to include:

  •  promotion of value and achievement of outcomes in the services offered
  • financial solvency
  • compliance with federal, state, and local statutes, contractual obligations, regulatory entities, and insurance requirements
  • performance improvement
  • development and implementation of corporate responsibilities

The board is also responsible to the shareholders, employees, referring agencies, and participants to ensure that the expectations of stakeholders are balanced and that the company operates according to fiscally, ethically, and socially responsible practices. 

The Business Council serves as the executive management team at Pyxis and is responsible for oversight and management of day-to-day operations.  The council is also responsible to ensure strategic development according to the vision and mission, and effective management of company resources, as determined by the Board of Directors and company policies.