Our Company Culture 

Pyxis offers a diversified network of services embedded with a high level of customer care.  We believe in the intrinsic value and potential of every person regardless of their position in life. 

We have a People 1st™ philosophy that places the needs of the people we work with and the people we serve in the very heart of our mission.  The resulting environment is a positive atmosphere where team members flourish in work that they are passionate about while at the same time meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders to the fullest degree possible. 



Pyxis brings a comprehensive list of resources to the table: advocacy, best practices, collaboration, experience, and empowerment – creating a place where every Pyxis team member and every customer served is encouraged to grow to their greatest potential.

Pyxis is an organization of people who are interested in you, your family, your business, and your community.  We want to build into your life so you have the ability to engage with your family and friends, impart your gifts and talents, and leave a legacy.