Participant Rights

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Pyxis is committed to protecting and promoting the rights of the persons served in the delivery of effective and successful services.  The Participant Rights Program was designed to ensure that all employees understand the principles, values, policies, and procedures upon which services are to be delivered. 

The Participant Rights Program also ensures that participants, and their families, are included in their service planning and have opportunities to ask questions, make comments or suggestions, file complaints or grievances, and/or appeal a decision made by Pyxis staff.  Participants receive information concerning the Participant Rights Program, including the phone number and e-mail for the Program, during their intake interview, assessment, or orientation.  Use of the Participant Rights Program by a participant will not result in retaliation or barriers to service.

Participants that are not satisfied with the outcome of a grievance or a decision made by Pyxis management may appeal the decision to their referring agency.  Pyxis management will attempt to solve any complaints or grievances in as fair and equitable a way as possible, attempting to balance the expectations of all stakeholders.     

All employees are trained on the policies and procedures contained in the Participant Rights Program to ensure that the rights of participants are protected.  Employees are also trained in the principles and values of the Company in advocating in the community at large on behalf of the individuals we serve.    

Employees are expected to report known or suspected violations of participant’s rights.  To report a violation, employees may contact their immediate supervisor, the director over their service, or the HR department.  Reports may be in writing, by phone, in person, or by e-mail at or