Training and Consulting


Pyxis Business Navigation offers a wide array of training and consulting services to assist small and medium-sized companies with customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization.  Business Navigation can help your organization develop strategic goals, build internal processes to improve efficiency,  manage projects, implement quality improvements, build accountability by using key performance indicators, train staff, manage change, and improve the bottom line.

For more information, please contact our Director of Business Development, Sandy Randel, at 316.682.8092.

Training and Consulting

Leadership and Governance

Business Navigation provides assistance in the development of a leadership and governance structure that outlines the nuts and bolts of how you manage your organization, as well as compliance to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, federal and state regulations, and contractual obligations.

Strategic Planning

Set your organization on a path for the future through the development of a Strategic Plan that aligns the mission and vision of the organization with the business you will pursue.  Strategic Plans include concrete objectives and accountability through action plans.

Financial Planning and Accountability

Develop a financial reporting format that impacts the management of the organization, as well as compliance to GAAP, regulatory entities, and contracts.  

Operations Planning

Often, an organization’s operations procedures have evolved over time, but usually not through a planned and efficient structure.  Implement operations processes that increase efficiency and reduce frustration among managers and front-line employees.

Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators

Most organizations accumulate far more data than they are capable of retrieving for timely decision making.  Lack of timely and relevant information can leave managers making subjective decisions that negatively affect the organization and its bottom line.  Let Business Navigation show you how to put critical data into the hands of decision makers in a timely manner and establish key performance indicators to measure the performance of all aspects of the organization.

Human Resources Planning

To maximize your human capital, Business Navigation will assist in the development of an HR plan for recruiting and retaining a talented workforce, creating a culture of excellence, and ensuring compliance to federal and state employment regulations.  The HR Plan can include policies, procedures, and staff training.  Business Navigation also provides a training series on Effective Management to equip managers to lead the organization, make responsible decisions concerning employees, and promote a positive working environment.   Trained HR professionals can assist in a plan to promote organizational development to ensure that your organization has the talented employees it needs as you move into the future.    


Business Navigation can assist in the development and implementation of technology solutions to reduce manual processes and increase efficiencies.  With experienced project managers, Business Navigation can manage your technology implementation and maximize website and web-based tools for communications, training, and fundraising.  Your technology plan can include policies and procedures for the use of technology in your organization as well as a records management program for maintaining electronic documents and compliance to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRC).

Business Development

Business Navigation will develop strategic business development plans to promote and expand your business presence.  Marketing plans will ensure that your branding reflects the mission and vision of your organization and maximizes the promotion of your business using technology and social media.

Accreditation Preparation

Pyxis maintains international accreditation through CARF, as well as licensures in states where it operates.  Business Navigation can assist your organization in the preparation to become accredited and/or licensed.

Quality Assurance and Risk Management

Business Navigation will assist in the development of an Outcomes Management Plan to measure the quality of your organization and its services through outcomes that are meaningful to your company’s stakeholders.   A Risk Management Plan can identify procedures to reduce risk and promote safety for your employees and other stakeholders of your organization.  

Customer Relations Plan

Implement a plan to empower your employees to take care of customers through planned recognition and the development of relationships.

Back-Office Solutions

Small companies can outsource many of their back office processes to Pyxis through Business Navigation.  Pyxis can provide comprehensive administrative support, such as recruiting and hiring, payroll, billing, and financial reporting.

Nonprofit Management

Business Navigation can provide any of its training and consulting services, customized to meet the unique challenges and regulations of the nonprofit organization.