Get on the path to an independent life!

 At Pyxis, we strive to change the face of our communities, one life at a time! For nearly two decades, Pyxis has responded to the needs of individuals and families struggling to find the path to independence through the myriad of challenges standing in their way.  Many are frustrated and have given up hope.  Others have wandered aimlessly down the wrong path, finding greater challenges and barriers to overcome.  Some just don’t know where to turn.  We help those individuals and families to find the right direction for their lives.  We offer hope and encouragement to help them achieve their goals, regardless of the severity of their challenges. 

People 1st

At Pyxis, people come first.  In our current culture, people are looking for hi-touch in a hi-tech world.  They are looking for someone who cares and is willing to invest in their life.  For this purpose, Pyxis developed its People 1st ™ philosophy, built on the strong moral and ethical principles that guide the company. 

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